Peter Sokol-Hessner

Peter received his Ph.D. in Psychology from New York University in Elizabeth Phelps' lab. He did postdoctoral training with Antonio Rangel at Caltech, and then with Nathaniel Daw and Elizabeth Phelps at NYU. He will be an assistant professor at the University of Denver in September 2016, and is looking forward to the hiking and ski trails, craft beer, and sunshine of the Rocky Mountains.

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Colin Camerer, Ph.D., Caltech [web]
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Nathaniel Daw, Ph.D., Princeton University [web]
Antonio Rangel, Ph.D., Caltech [web]
Mauricio Delgado, Ph.D., Rutgers Newark [web]
Cate Hartley, Ph.D., Weill Cornell Medical College [web]
Jay Van Bavel, Ph.D., New York University [web]
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Karolina Lempert, M.A., New York University [web]
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